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Barnes #4 Table Saw
The #4 table (circular) saw is an impressive machine, comprising 400 pounds of cast iron (500 boxed). The #4 was made from 1895 to 1928. It included a self-feeding mechanism which was quickly removable. It had a tilting table, and side-operated hand crank for blade power, a treadle pressure bar made from maple or ash which was used to actuate the self-feed, and the flat perforated belt. (Some models are also known sold with countershaft and belt pulley for lineshaft power, and minus the pressure bar). It was advertised as "the strongest, most powerful and eminently practical foot and hand power circular saw that has ever been built." Accessories included a heavy-duty mortising/boring attachment, circular saw blades, infeed and outfeed tables, and a universal miter gauge, for use in miter joinery. The saw offered two speeds, a high speed for cross-cut work and a slower speed for ripping. This was accomplished via a pulley change.

The heavy-duty boring attachment was meant to fit on the large flat tabletop of the saw. It included a sliding table on which the work could be moved into and out of the fixed-position boring bit. The table included a depth stop to fix the maximum depth of cut. The chuck could hold bits from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch shank diameter (round shanks).

The #4 treadle saw sold for $60.00 and the line shaft variety for $65.00, with the boring attachment $10.00, and the universal miter gauge $10.00.

Barnes #4 Table Saw

#4 Table Saw

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