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Barnes #3 Velocipede Wood Lathe
The #3 wood lathe was Barnes' flagship wood lathe for most of the company's history. 3 types of #3 wood lathe are known to exist, and they were produced from 1877 to 1929.

  • Type 1 used a round belt drive and included a wooden bench seat (like a wagon seat) almost the whole width of the lathe - the operator scooted along the bench as their work progressed down a spindle. This type was made from 1877 to 1880.
  • Type 2 used the round drive belt, but substituted a tractor-type seat for the bench variety. This seat mounted on a steel bar that runs the length of the ways, so you can follow your spindle work down the lathe. It was produced from 1883 to 1886.
  • Type 3 changed the round belt for the flat perforated belt. It was built from 1886 to 1929, when the last recorded sale occurred.

Different lengths were offered, 36 inches and 48 inches between centers being standard, with others available on special order. All #3 lathes used the offset crankshaft method of power, with 4 pedals offset from a shaft running the width of the machine underneath. On the standard size lathes, three pedals were inboard and one was outboard. They could turn 12 inch diameter stock, and had 36 inches between centers. Speed could be varied from 1000 to 2000 RPM, and the lathe had a reversing capability. The stand, seat, and crankshaft were made of cast iron, while the lathe bed was made from of maple and decoratively painted with an acanthus leaf design on the operator's side. Two tool rests were provided as standard equipment, one short and one long. Handwheels were used to move and fasten rests and tailstock.

The #3 lathe used heavy-duty castings, weighing 230 pounds (320 pounds boxed). It sold for $40.00, which included 3 centers, both tool rests, and a faceplate. An optional longer bed for four foot center turning could be had, and the lathe with this longer bed was $45.00. In addition, you could purchase just the upper portion of the lathe; that is, the bed, rests, and centers, without legs, for $25.00 if you desired to make your own stand or mount the lathe to a bench. Finally, a lineshaft drive system was available for $10.00.

Paint on the #3 lathe varied greatly over the years, sometimes with simple pinstriping (generally on the earlier types), and fancier floral patterns later.

Type 1Type 2
Type 3

#3 Velocipede Wood Lathe

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